Meet The Rival Factions Of Saints Row


The Saints’ fun-loving, perpetually shirtless fighter, Kevin, made his bones in a group known as The Idols. It’s a faction that’s less a traditional organization and more of a cult. The Idols can be seen from a mile away, sporting bright neon colors, glowing paints, and LED helmets. They’re very much the kind of folks you’d find at the dankest desert rave. Because of the popular nature of the group, its follower count is massive, making the sheer number of Idols a standout feature of the faction. The Idols always attack in large numbers, almost in swarm-like formations.

We learned in the mission “Idol Threat” that firefights with a group of these neon-baddies can last a while. Hordes of these gun-toating ravers come out of the woodwork every time you think you’re in the clear. Some Idols have unique weaponry that requires The Boss to think of different methods to take them out. One of which is a pair of LED whips spun in front of the Idol and used to deflect your volley of gunfire. It’s annoying to deal with, but that’s kind of the point, right?