Nine Steps to Help You Develop Your Potential


Walk into any bookstore and you will find a huge selection of self-help and self-improvement products. Almost everyone (and I bet everyone reading this) wants to improve. We know we have to improve and we want to improve. We may want to improve our personal relationships, our business skills, our ability to be disciplined, our desire to juggle four chainsaws, or hundreds of other things. In this bookstore you will find books to help you. do one of these things!

In many cases, however, these books only begin halfway through the process. After writing the last chapter on identifying our potential, I realized that while identifying our potential is fundamental, it is not the complete answer. It’s only the first step. If we want to realize our potential, we must start by identifying our greatest potential areas.

With this knowledge, we must proceed step by step to realize this potential in our lives. It’s no different than a company identifying its core strengths to better capitalize on the opportunities it sees. When we begin our personal improvement program with identified strengths or potential, we ignite our personal rocket and begin our journey to greater heights and success. Here’s a step-by-step process to help you turn your potential into results!

Identify it. I’ve already helped you with that. Whether you followed these steps in the last chapter or just know of a skill you want to develop, this is a necessary first step. Request it.

You must firmly believe that you have untapped skills and abilities in this area. Once you’ve claimed them, you must declare them by telling yourself (preferably out loud) that you ARE assertive, you ARE a swimmer, you support others. (Complete your own skills and potential!) 3. Reach.

Next you need to think about which part(s) of your life you want to apply this new skill or ability to. Take the time to identify the areas of your life where you will use this enhanced ability. Do you want to develop this potential?

How will you and/or those around you benefit from developing this potential? what is your goal? Answering these questions will help you stay on track when you’re feeling discouraged. Write down these reasons and your ultimate goal and read them often. Plan for this.

A plan helps us get almost everything done faster. Wouldn’t you rather realize your potential sooner rather than later?