One Bad Apple


One Bad Apple I know what you’re thinking, but no, I’m not paying tribute to Michael Jackson and the Jackson 5. Though I have to admit that his 70’s hit still crosses my mind as much as I write this. the Jackson Five may have believed that “one bad apple can’t spoil everything

Bundles” I don’t think they were responsible for getting quality production results out of their group. The fact is that in business, one bad apple can make your life and the lives of the people who work for you miserable.. .pretty pathetic. , they reduce the performance of your organization and even cost you good employees. Of course, the “one bad apple” I’m referring to is that one bad employee in your department dragging everyone along. I’m not talk about the employee who is temporarily struggling with the productivity of
. Many employees have this problem from time to time.

With training and coaching, these are potentially very productive employees. And I don’t mean the employee going through some personal issues and struggling to keep their business and personal life separate. This is also a temporary situation that usually resolves itself relatively quickly. Instead, I’m talking about the

Employee who seems to have made it his personal life’s work to be unhappy and to make everyone around him as unhappy as they are. These “bad apples” come in different shapes and sizes, with all sorts of backgrounds and all different levels of experience. You have: · The information shorter, who hides important information about his tasks and projects · The martyr, whose tasks are always more difficult than those of the others

Bully – who intimidates everyone around him Professional Devil’s Advocate – who never knew a concept he really liked, but is happy to acknowledge any concept that actually works Listen (and many who don’t), how mean and evil the company and management team really are · Slacker – who never really seems to do anything but always tells everyone how busy and overworked he is
In general, it’s not hard to tell if you have a bad apple in your have group.

They tend to stand out. They wear their misery with pride. All sorts of bad things happen to them routinely, but problems are never their fault. And everyone who’s close (and some who aren’t so close) will find out. The problem isn’t that they’re unhappy.

The problem is that they make everyone else unhappy too. Sometimes it’s very obvious. They actively goad or intimidate those around them so that no one has a comfortable working environment. They gain their power by absorbing the lives of those around them. and they know exactly how to do it.