Online Marketing to Promote Your Info Products – Write Guest Posts For the Blogosphere


Online marketers of informational products are often looking for ways to contact potential buyers. One effective technique that writers rarely consider is guest posting for other people’s blogs. With this technique, you can:– demonstrate your expertise;– retain a permanent position on the blog (as long as the blog exists)

— Increase your page rank on Google (if the post is indexed). Here’s how it works.– Find a blog that resonates with your target market. The blog doesn’t have to be specific to your market. For example, if you’ve written an e-book about dog chewing, you can target blogs that target dogs.

You might even be able to post to blogs about pets in general, or even home and family topics.– Choose a blog that’s been around for a while. Although millions of blogs hit the internet scene every day, most have been around for months. And of course, not all blogs allow guest posting.–Check the About section and menu to see if the blog owner has made provisions for guest posting.

If yes, you can contact the owner and express your interest. If not, search the blog to see if you can find posts written by someone other than the blog owner. Even if you don’t find leads from guest posts, don’t give up if the blog already exists and seems a particularly good fit for your target market—read previous blog posts to get a feel for the blog’s style, values and philosophies of the owner.– Select a specific publication that you liked.

Think about why you liked it.– Comment on a recent post: a post the owner made today or the day before.– Send a note to the blog- Owner. Check your comment on the blog. Post. Consider adding a download link to your information product.

— Do not offer to write a guest post unless the blog specifically says it accepts guest posting. Just send the note. Often the owner will take the initiative and offer you an invitation to guest post.