Pimsleur English For German Speakers


Hello, how are you? Sounds better in your native language? What about hello and how are you? Yes, you are probably German and would like to learn English. And if you’re reading this, it’s a good start.


So you want to fully master it and understand that people speak the language and can speak it themselves? So here’s the good news, as you’ve probably realized after your few basic words of good morning and good morning. .You can learn English. In fact, it can be easy and quick. After all, learning a language other than your native language is a skill, and skills can be learned.


Let me tell you the secret and speed up your learning. Learn English the Pimsleur way. What are you asking? well dr Paul Pimsleur is a language teacher and his basic idea is to learn this language as well. Like others, you basically learn by listening.


So you can bet on the countless people who are already fluent in English without having anyone at home to talk to. You can constantly listen and expose yourself to the language. For Americans, learning German the Pimsleur way was very effective. So shouldn’t it be that easy to learn English? Yes you can.

And you can make it your mantra if you’re having trouble understanding it. But Pimsleur should be easy for you. Your English course will make it easy for you. , step-by-step instructions but very complete. Since it was very effective for many people, the courses were based on learning principles and teaching techniques on how to learn a completely new and strange language.