Ranking Every Far Cry Game


Cute dogs. Crocodiles in shirts. Giancarlo Esposito. A recipe for success, some would say. As Dani Rojas, you blaze a chaotic trail through enemy territory to usurp the baddie Antón Castillo. Of course, a Far Cry staple, engaging in bonus activities as you work on the core storyline, is also prominently featured.

Side missions and optional content are big on the island of Yara, and you have some serious choices to make as to how you maneuver around as well. From vehicles to wingsuits, your journey is always going warp speed, shooting, scooting, and looting. Giancarlo Esposito ranks among the best baddies in Far Cry as Antón Castillo.

While Far Cry 6 may not be a revolutionary experience taken as a whole, it’s an excellent example of the Far Cry formula done right.

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