RapidSSL Certificates: Everything You Need to Know About Validation


When it comes to protecting your website, one of the most important factors is having a secure and valid SSL certificate. This is why understanding the validation process of a RapidSSL certificate is so important. RapidSSL is an industry-leading SSL provider that offers reliable and affordable certificates. In this blog post, we will go over everything you need to know about the validation process for a RapidSSL certificate, including the types of validation available and how to get your certificate validated. Read on to learn more!


Domain Control Validation (DCV)
DCV is the process used to confirm the domain name associated with an SSL Certificate. This helps ensure that the certificate is issued to the legitimate and authorized owner of the domain.


DCV is a basic validation process, with minimal requirements to prove that the owner of the domain has requested the certificate. This validation is accomplished through email verification, where RapidSSL will send an authorization email to one or more pre-defined email addresses associated with the domain in question. Once that message is confirmed, the certificate is issued. With this type of validation, the certificate will be issued within minutes.


Organization Validation (OV)
The process also includes validating the person submitting the application against public records and verifying the organizational address and telephone number against public directories. Once the validation is complete, a publicly trusted SSL certificate will be issued. The OV process helps to ensure that customers and visitors can trust that the website belongs to a legitimate organization and not a malicious actor.