Riding Toys Teach Kids Coordination, Exercise


Parents who want to help their children to stay healthy and learn how to exercise at a young age have many choices. Although the recommended amount of exercise kids should get daily varies with different medical professionals, they all agree that exercise and play are important; it helps them to grow up healthy and strong. Depending on the age and size of the children they can have fun learning how to use their muscles and develop coordination on different types of toys. They also use imagination and energy at play. There are different types of toys parents can buy to help them learn to enjoy the outdoors and discover exercise. These toys include tricycles, pedal cars and scooters. They provide a good foundation for exercise and fitness skills as children get older.



Tricycles are a new adventure for little kids. Also known as trikes, they are often a child’s first attempt at riding toys. Depending on the type of trike and manufacturer, children’s tricycles can be controlled by an adult push bar for balance and direction. To enhance the three-wheeled riding experience, some tricycles have a feature that prevents children from turning the steering wheel too far and tipping over. Some tricycles come with accessories to make riding more fun. A dumping bucket, basket, and handlebar bag are some features that help create a fun riding adventure.

Pedal Cars

Pedal vehicles come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. They help kids stay active both physically and with their imaginations. They can come in the form of pedal tractors, race cars, and other grown-up-looking vehicles. Depending on the style and size, pedal cars are appropriate for children about ages 4 to 9. Pedal cars are one way to develop arm, hand, foot and leg coordination and flexibility. Children discover the art of steering with their hands while they pedal with their feet to move forward, turn and change directions. The harder they pedal, the faster they go.



Scooters are foot-to-floor action for children as young as 18 months to 4 years, although larger models accommodate older children. They can practice gripping handlebars, climbing and balance. Pushing off for power to go fast or slow helps build leg power, burn energy and increase stamina. Scooters also teach balance and confidence, a good foundation for more sophisticated toys as they grow up.

Kids can play with riding toys alone, with a friend or under the supervision of an adult. Riding toys broaden their imaginations as they learn balance and coordination.