Role-Playing Games (RPG)


Online games have been around since the beginning of the internet, and they’ve only gotten more sophisticated over time. In the past few years alone, they’ve seen enormous growth in popularity and user base, turning what used to be a niche activity into one that’s enjoyed by millions across the globe. There are different types of online games with different genres, but there are also some commonalities that tie them all together as well – and this article will get into all of that and more.

Role-Playing Games, or RPG’s for short, is a type of game where the player takes on the role of an in-game character and uses that character to accomplish certain tasks. These tasks usually involve combat against monsters as well as other players, who are playing the game in real time with you. Examples include: World of Warcraft and Dungeons & Dragons. Games from this genre have existed for centuries; some popular examples from antiquity being Greco-Roman Antiquity .

Action/Adventure Game: Action/Adventure games are about solving puzzles, collecting items, fighting enemies, using objects with one another to solve puzzles or fight enemies. They usually do not require significant strategy or tactics (i.e., no resource management) but may contain elements of action gameplay within them. The majority of these titles require quick reflexes rather than careful thinking. Examples include: Metal Gear Solid and Mario Brothers . Other subgenres of this genre would be puzzle games such as Tetris, shooting gallery video games such as Duck Hunt , and arcade style gaming such as Donkey Kong. There are also platformers like Super Mario Brothers 2D Platformers: A video game subgenre which features 2D characters working their way through levels composed entirely of two dimensional graphics. It is common for platformser gamers to employ techniques like running up walls and ceilings or jumping up through the ground which would be impossible in reality due to gravity – effectively breaking many laws of physics! Some classics from the early 1990s would be Super Mario Bros. , Sonic the Hedgehog ,

Tetris (), Adventure Time Puzzle Quest )and more recent entries (from 2010+) like Drawn Dreamscape . RPG’s use powerful graphic and visual styles to provide a virtual world experience to players that they might not be able to experience in real life. Playing any RPG will give your eyes quite the workout! Sometimes these worlds can even get so visually stimulating, like what was seen in Journey by ThatGameCompany, that it can affect your mood. That is why we sometimes refer to those kinds of games as emotional games. In the same vein, when video game creators build new worlds for people to explore it has been known as virtual tourism. One famous example is Monument Valley where every level offers stunning visuals and beautiful architecture