Saving Money As a Wedding Guest


Saving as a wedding guest can sometimes be just as difficult as saving for the couple at the wedding reception. Sometimes, in their quest for the perfect day, brides can forget that their guests didn’t save for that particular day, as the bride and groom can face a significant time and money crunch. Because of this oversight, wedding guests often feel pressured to buy something special to wear to the event or to attend the many pre- and post-wedding events. .Or even to buy an expensive gift just because they’re invited to the wedding.

Friendship is one thing, but the wedding couple must remember that their guests don’t want to spend the rest of their lives paying for the happy event in consultation with them. When planning the wedding, the couple should keep their guests in mind. Range of attention span during pre-wedding events and the amount of money that can be spent on those pre-wedding events. Reducing these or eliminating them altogether is beneficial for wedding guests as it can reduce the length of their stay at a
Premium Hotel. everything should or must be mandatory and revolve around the wedding event. That alone will reduce the number of outfits to buy.

For my husband and my wedding we skipped the rehearsal dinner which saved our wedding party time and money as the pre-wedding gift was no longer “an expectation”. Actually, we didn’t expect it. , but with rehearsal dinner traditions, the wedding party is usually expected to purchase an additional gift for the couple they are attending, and vice versa. As my husband and I were adults, we didn’t expect or need gifts. of the
high-priced items that have become the norm for most wedding gift lists. Some additions installed, but not full stores, full of items.

Small denomination gift cards were encouraged and although no one accepted gift cards or even registration, Amazon and Bed, Bath & Beyond were our choices. Most of our guests have given us money from different combinations, which is always a bonus and time saver for guests. Our wedding took place in a church on a Saturday afternoon, which reduced the cost of clothing for most of our guests. Since it was a wedding in June, it is easy for most people to buy or own the elegant evening wear.

Summer weddings are easy to put back on, and most people can put them back on at a BBQ. · An afternoon summer wedding set can save guests the need to purchase clothing items that may never arrive. back out of their closets. · Summer weddings are particularly easy because stylish summer clothes fit easily into every closet. · The wedding invitation will tell the couple’s guests a lot about what kind of attire is expected.