Sceptor Book II: The Emerald of Phaunos by Scott L. Collins, A Book Review


The story about four kids that grew up too fast from circumstances beyond their control, truths beyond their years, and morals that keep them straight has all the markings for an exciting, and enduring venture. And that’s exactly what it was with showers of contrast and really creative twists the plot is full of surprises, and yet Scott weaves several bits of quality lessons into the story which I found to be really wonderful.

The fantasy in the story is really creative with the different people, animals and whatchamacallits keeping it lively and very entertaining. The story concept is simple but the writing takes it to a whole new level with inventive scenes that keep you turning the pages until the end.

These four kids learn things about each other, themselves, and life. They understand how it should be, the evil that is and can be, and what can be done to change it. They brave the elements, the unknown obstacles in their paths and face their fears head on, but they don’t show any less of the reality of what they would show emotionally if it really happened. The characters are kept real and personal allowing you to get to know them, like them, and cheer for them. You have to laugh with them, feel sorry for them, hope they survive, and run with them when they need to.

The value of family is evident in this story, not only in their need to see and maybe even save their parents, but realizing that they are also a family all their own. They come to realize that they care for, love, help, and most of all need each other more than they had ever anticipated. What started out as scared kids not knowing what to do with their new situation in life soon became a family of kids determined to turn things back to the way they should be. Hopefully back to the way they were. Although I have a feeling that after going through all this, it won’t be quite what they want either. I think a new way of life is on the horizon.

As these children go through their mission fighting to survive, the reader will feel the determination, and revel in their successes. It’s a quality book for children and young adults that will be greatly enjoyed and talked about with their friends. I have sent these to children I believed would really enjoy them, and know some have already. This series is a great gift to a child you know.