Seeking Help


How Much Time Passes Billable Time As a consultant, your practice may be doing reasonably well; They charge between $100 and $150 an hour. As an independent consultant

You probably also do everything from grinding coffee to editing the umpteenth draft of your brochure. To understand what you spend your time doing, list all your activities and categorize them into administrative, professional, and other appropriate groups. Calculate how many hours you spend on it

Output for everyone: daily, weekly, monthly, yearly. Some you enjoy, some are very good, and some give you a headache. The point is, nobody pays you to do it. Client work expenses plus invoices.

The more you charge, the more money you have available to pay someone else to take care of things you’d rather not or shouldn’t do yourself. The time you spend on non-billable tasks makes you a very expensive office worker. .Keeping the cash sounds good until you really think about it.

You wouldn’t pay a secretary $150 an hour, but that’s what you’re paying yourself. B. Marketing or product development.

The rest is just overhead, expensive overhead. Can you afford not to hire someone? And it’s not just the day-to-day office and administrative tasks you can get help with.

Many of our own clients come only after they have spent hundreds of hours creating their own marketing materials. Entrepreneurs strictly refuse to hand over responsibility. myself.

” They wrestle endlessly with business plans and the like that have nothing to do with their area of ​​expertise. You may be wondering who is better? The answer is: their colleagues. You

They can charge the same hourly rate, but the work gets done in much less time and they bring objectivity and fresh ideas. This is not only cheaper in the long run, but these things are also done better. insufficient work on your business plan,

Marketing materials, accounting, etc. they can be serious. Sure, keep an eye on things; but don’t spend more time than you should. Leave the hard work to others.

Hiring administrative and professional help is practical and necessary if you want to get the most out of your practice.