Slamm Scooters – The Ultimate Stunt Scooter


Slamm Stunt Scooters

Slamm Scooters have become the fastest selling Stunt Scooter in the UK. Stunt Scooters can differ from a standard kid’s scooter as they are built with performance and durability in mind. Some of the kid’s scooters on the market these days will have options like folding bars for easy transportation. However with a stunt scooter you need the bars to ultimately be welded to the deck for strength. Decks on stunt scooters tend to also be constructed of reinforced materials like aluminium so they don’t snap when tricks and stunts are landed on them.

Slamm are a UK brand that unbelievable have only been around a few years and already produce some of the best stunt scooters in their price range. Yes you can get other brands of scooters that are just as epic but you will pay more for these scooters. Your standard push scooter has been around for approximately 10 years now but in the past few years there has been an explosion in the stunt rider. Being able to perfect triple tail whips or back flips on stunt scooter is where the scooter world is at. Slamm have their own pro rider team who not only get to test run these scooters and new models as they come out, they also have input into the design process on what should go into a scooter to make it a worthy ride.

What Slamm Scooters have managed to produce is a range of stunt scooters that fit the beginner right through to the pro rider. Right now they are on their second versions of all their models with each one being improved upon.

Slamm Rage

For the beginner and probably the most popular of the Slamm models is the Slamm Rage. This scooter is just perfect for those progressing from their first push scooter into the stunt scooter market. This model comes with a slightly shorter deck and slightly higher handlebars than the other models. This makes starting off practising and mastering stunts and trick a little easier. The Slamm Rage 2 got better by having a square down tube rather than a circular one that its predecessor had. The reason for this was for pure strength in the down tube stopping the chance of the down tube breaking from landing force. The Rage 2 also came out with new dipped BMX bars for ultimate style. At around the £70.00 mark you really will not find a better starter stunt scooter than this.

Slamm Outbreak-Outbreak Pro

The Slamm Outbreak is the middle man in their range with the Slamm Outbreak Pro the top dog. Both these models are aimed at the most serious of riders. So what’s the difference for your money? The top dog the outbreak pro gives you a Y-bar one piece with a 5° Back sweep whereas the Outbreak gives you a T-bar one piece. The deck is a fraction shorter on the pro model and comes with a 3° concave. Both models have reinforced heat treated decks for strength. The bearings on both models are top end ABEC 7 but the wheels on the Outbreak Pro are metal core compared to nylon core on the Outbreak.

News just in from Slamm is that both these models are getting a further upgrade. Due to be released around the end of February 2012 the Outbreak and Outbreak Pro have some great improvements. A Semi sealed threaded headset giving you super smooth tail whips. Coned axle bolts, reducing the risk of rounding and reinforced steel threaded fork for added strength. This is fantastic for us and is really making Slamm Scooters stand apart from the rest. They have also maintained the price but as usual you need to be quick to get the design you want as Slamm Scooters sell fast!