Smarter Email Marketing – Reboot Your B2B Lead Generation and Grow Your Business


The death of email marketing has been greatly exaggerated. I’m sure you’ve heard the discussions about the impending demise of email and the rise of social media. However, independent marketing studies suggest this is not the case. Let’s see what the data tells us. · 2012 ExactTarget survey: 66% prefer email as the #1 marketing communication channel.

· 2012 EmailVision Study – 89.2% of marketing managers say email remains as important or more important to their overall marketing strategy compared with two years ago.· A Merkle Study – 74% of online adults prefer to receive corporate communica­tions via email instead of social media, direct mail, text messaging, or phone.In reality, the outlook for email marketing – with a twist – is stronger and more popular than ever.Integration is the twist.

In a survey of email marketing trends, 68% of business leaders intend to integrate email marketing with social media. And marketing spend across email marketing (60%) and social media (55%) shows business leaders want to take an integrated approach. The New Email Marketing Strategy Leveraging email through integration with social media, search and content marketing leads to smarter email marketing. Because email covers all parts of the buying cycle and encourages permission marketing,
is powerful and effective.

With its optional feature, emails go to an audience that’s ready to receive them. Email alone encourages interactivity. But when combined with social media, search, and content marketing, email marketing optimizes results. Integrating Email Marketing with Social Media Social media connects prospects, customers and businesses.

Once this is done, relationships are developed offline via email or phone. Email remains the preferred method as it is fast, effective and efficient. With the integration, both channels reinforce each other as social media informs email marketing. Answer potential customers’ questions on social media sites in a personal, engaging, and targeted way. This deepens and expands your social network.