Star Wars Eclipse, Alan Wake 2, And The Game Awards 2021 Reactions | GI Show


This week’s Listener Questions is another banger, with the panel answering the questions of what games have made them cry, what their biggest awards snub is, and what their GOTY for 2022 could end up being!

Read their questions below, or submit your own via the Official Game Informer Community Discord or by emailing us at

What’s the biggest games award snub you can remember being upset about? We all know award shows are bs but we always tune in anyway because we care. ll never forget being legitimately upset rdr2 won for best score/music against God of War, Spider-Man, Celeste, Ni No Kuni 2, and Octopath Traveler. I loveeee rdr2 but no way it had a better soundtrack than those games – Leafeon (Discord)

First off, just want to say I’ve been a listener for years and I’m really enjoying the show lately! The whole crew has a great dynamic and I love listening to you guys hang out. In a recent episode, Alex mentioned being getting weepy at the end of Before Your Eyes and it got me remembering all the times games have gotten me choked up over the years. What are some specific lines of dialogue from games that “cued the waterworks” for you guys (or at least made the room very dusty)? – Nathan Kasten (Email)

GI Crew, out of all the games you know that are coming next year, what do you expect your Game of the Year to be? – SavoyPrime (Discord)