The Art of the “Guest Post” to Generate Traffic and Quality Content


Ever heard of a guest post? If not, it might be one of your favorite ideas when it comes to regularly updating your website content. Simply put, a guest post is when someone unrelated to your blog writes a post for you. They don’t pretend to be you or anything, but they contribute. It’s like a contributing editor or author.

How do you get them? Well I hope you have established some relationships with other bloggers in your field. You could reach out to them and offer them the opportunity to guest post on your site. That might be all you need. You could start by offering them a guest post you’ve written.

You will most likely be executed. Just be sure to write something that isn’t urgent. In other words, write something to put in the “rainy day” folder and break it open when they need something in a hurry. .If you have a lot of traffic, you can ask your readers to submit something. Many of them are probably bloggers and would be willing to do so.

Your reward is a little breather. They’re great for days when you’re not feeling the mojo. They can also bring you external readers who can click from the author’s website. It also works the other way around. From time to time you should consider guest posting on other websites.

Most webmasters or publishers run them. Hell, it’s free content for them. As long as your post is of high quality, they will publish it. Readers for you And at the end of the day, part of the blogging community is part of it.

Come out and be nice!