The Definition of the False-Self


The false self is a mental construct in which we see ourselves as fundamentally flawed and in need of constant validation from others. It’s the voice that says you’re not good enough and keeps us striving for something more. It’s what makes us do things out of obligation, guilt, or shame instead of because it genuinely matters to us.

The need to rescue others could be an expression of one’s false self. If someone has a strong sense of their own flaws and inadequacy, they might feel compelled to save people who are worse off than themself or help people who have been hurt by life because they know how bad it feels to be hurt like that.

Examples of the False-Self

The false self is a collection of defenses that we use to protect ourselves from getting hurt in the world. These defenses can be both mental and emotional, and they often put up barriers between you and the rest of the world. These walls are designed to keep other people at arm’s length, in order to prevent us from being too vulnerable or hurt by them. Some of these defensive strategies include: telling yourself everyone else has it worse than you, comparing yourself unfavorably with others, putting up an emotional wall so that nobody can get close enough to hurt you, etc.

The false self is like a protective shield we create to safeguard ourselves from being abused again.

How To Rescue Others

The need to rescue others is not a part of the false self, but rather the true self. It can be a feeling that people often feel when they see another person in distress. When we are able to rescue someone, it gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction knowing we helped make things better for someone who needed it. Even if you don’t have any experience with the subject you are helping, you will still feel fulfilled knowing that you did everything in your power to help someone else out.

*It’s important to note that rescuing isn’t always about saving people from harm or danger – it can also be about providing support for those who need it.