The Dos and Don’ts of Handling Guest Posts on Your Blog


The dos and don’ts of accepting guest posts on your blog are an important part of blogging. It’s how you keep your content fresh and engaging while also allowing other people to share their knowledge with your audience. However, as every blogger knows, this also means there are ways to do it right and wrong. Read on to find out exactly how to handle guest posts on your blog in the right way!

When you agree to accept a guest post, it’s important to have a clear understanding of what is expected. There are many factors that can affect your decision, including the length and format requirements for posts. It’s best to know in advance what the guest poster will send you so you can make sure it fits your blog style. For example, if you require a photo with each post, let the author know that in advance so they don’t waste time taking pictures before they submit their post.

Don’t: Expect perfection: If someone takes up space on your blog by submitting a guest post but didn’t follow all instructions or isn’t 100% perfect with grammar and spelling, don’t take it personally or be too harsh. As long as the content itself makes sense and there aren’t major issues with formatting (such as spacing between paragraphs), there isn’t any reason to reject it. You can always edit the guest post later on. In some cases, an imperfect post may be more valuable to readers than one which has been revised extensively by someone else.

Don’t: Neglect social media coverage of your blog because of a guest post: Even though this advice might sound counterproductive, keep blogging while you’re editing or publishing a guest post because not everything has to happen at once. If people share and comment on your blog posts during the publishing process, you’ll see results right away instead of waiting for weeks until the next scheduled update.