The first laptops were released in the early 1980s


A laptop computer, also known as notebook or portable computer, is a small personal computer that has a clamshell form factor and typically weighs under 5 kg (11 pounds). It’s useful to carry around and suitable for many purposes from content creation to gaming to general purpose use. The term first applied to mobile computers with cathode ray tube (CRT) displays, but has been used to refer to any type of computer when used on the move, including laptops with solid-state display panels and Tablet PCs.

Laptops are smaller, portable computers that are powered by an internal battery. It’s important to know the differences between the types of laptops so you can make an informed purchase decision. For example, gaming laptops have a more powerful graphics card and will be heavier with better cooling systems. The most common type of laptop is the Chromebook which runs on Google’s Chrome operating system and offers access to Google’s suite of products, including Gmail and Google Docs.

These don’t need any additional software installed to work but will be slower than Windows-based laptops since they don’t come with heavy duty software like Photoshop or Microsoft Office pre-installed. Some people prefer a tablet because it has touch capabilities and doesn’t require much power. They’re perfect for consuming content such as watching movies, listening to music, reading books and surfing the web. However, tablets don’t offer enough storage space for apps, documents or photos due to their limited storage capacity.

On the other hand, desktops offer more hard drive space and processing power because they’re stationary devices that can sit comfortably on your desk without being carried around everywhere you go. You’ll also need internet connection for them to work so if you live in rural areas without broadband coverage it may not be worth getting one just yet – unless you have Wi-Fi at home! Most of these features should help you decide what kind of laptop you want; however, if you’re still unsure then call your nearest computer store and speak to an expert who can answer any questions about different brands and models available. If you’ve found a model you really love but are worried about price, try searching online for refurbished laptops from sites like NextWorth. Buying refurbished can save up to 80% off retail prices because the company reconditions them before reselling them again. Remember that all new electronics come with a warranty but if it turns out that there was something wrong with your device while under warranty then retailers often provide fixes or replacement parts free of charge so contact customer services beforehand if there’s ever any trouble.