The Importance of Reading Figure Reviews Before Buying Collectibles


When a new collectible of your favorite video game or movie character comes out, you might be tempted to buy it the moment it appears in your favorite online toy store. While this may seem like a good idea at the time, you might wind up feeling disappointed when the figure arrives and it doesn’t meet your expectations. This is why it’s better to wait until honest-to-goodness figure reviews come out.

Why should you read reviews before buying a figure?
These collectibles are not merely playthings; they’re an investment. Toys and figures can cost a lot of money, especially if the character is from a popular show or game, and if manufacturer is a well-known. It’s hard to determine if a product is really worth its selling price based on what you see in an online store’s website. You want to make sure the figure is really worth spending money on before you place an order.

What do reliable figure reviews contain?
Look for reviews containing full paragraphs of text. One-liners simply saying “This figure is awesome” will not cut it. A good review should talk about the figure in detail. This should at least discuss the material the figure is made of, the kind of detail sculpted into it, and how well designed it is.

While text descriptions of a figure’s merits and defects are always good, a reliable figure review should have photos. Toy manufacturers or sellers usually tweak their product photos to make the items look better than they actually do in real life. This isn’t because they want to swindle people. Just like any vendor, their main goal is to sell their products. Making “improvements” to their photos is just a basic marketing strategy. Photos taken by users are usually more accurate and show details that product photos often don’t show.

Where do you find decent toy reviews?
Many online stores have their own customer-generated comments and testimonials for their toys and figures. These are rarely ever reliable sources of information regarding figures, though. The best place to look for toy reviews are customer-owned blogs or community forums. You have to make sure the customers doing the reviews are being honest and unbiased, though. Try to find reviews written by respected members of the toy collecting community.