The Month of Scorpio, 2012


The Zodiac Month Ahead The Mending Force of Truth

What we as a whole can anticipate from the figure of our planetary skies, 22 October to 21 November.

A Contemplation FOR SCORPIO

“Strength and mending power are the actual embodiment of Scorpio, the unique octave indication of advancement and recovery. Inborn in it is that power which lifts the cognizance to a higher octave. Consequently, one ought to at any point bring up the high honor and motivation behind all people whose zodiacal setups interface with this glorious, supernatural sign, for when the dull powers are disintegrated through the white-wizardry side of Scorpio, the spirit comes into a higher compensation as a genuine healer and partner of mankind. He who might live in truth and teach its gospel should be given, and such dedication is the power of this sign.” ~John Jocelyn

Sun enters Scorpio 22 October

Claiming the right as a Decent Coordinated Sign, the season gets very gotten into place as Scorpio facilitates us into the profundities of Fall requiring the aggregate to put consideration upon arrangements, looking, recovery, all while we let go of the existence that really started inside our Spring. With Pluto’s presence, the impact of our Sun’s section through The Hawk permits a concentrated, passionate, and brave energy to be delivered down here underneath. The significant desire to take part in catching the bigger picture, change, and researching the trustworthiness that desires to be spoken, are magnificent ways of allowing your own Falcon to take off.

Mercury enters Sagittarius 28 October;

Retrogrades 06 November; Reenters Scorpio 14 November

As the way to deal with Mercury Retrograde started 18 October, the level in Scorpio kept on ascending as Saturn’s presence here calls forward liability regarding a long entry. Our Courier makes a more limited visit in The Toxophilite upon 28 October, where in twirls of free, wandering, trying and consistently pointing mindsets surface on the system. Dialing back and positioning several days prior to 06 Nov at the 04 deg of Sagittarius, Mercury looks for delay and targets shallow temporary, and propelled discernments to come join the fun. The main part of the Retrograde section will concentrate after creating reflection, congruity and judgment, all of which the Couriers energy in The Bowman normally needs. As he returns to Scorpio on 14 November through the eighteenth deg on 26 November, mysteries go crazy as basic, canny and clever mental energies test to disclose any secret truth. The last option a piece of the Mercury Retrograde requests the aggregate to take note of any absence of separation, and what needs more assortment inside The Hawk region of the life. The strong force of progress is at last prepared to unfurl here.

Neptune goes Direct in Pisces 11 November

The Spiritualist presently finishes Retrograde period started 04 June, the first of a lot more to come in Pisces all through 2026. All in all, we have been approached to think about our ability to comprehend and adjust our points of view upon burden. Yet again as Neptune currently pushes ahead inside it’s process comfortable with The Fishes, the capacity to be receptive to magical thoughts, mass feelings, and find answers for the current conditions of mankind’s enduring are articulated and leaned toward. With Saturn now in Scorpio, those ready to perceive the mending force of reality, will find profound longings and feel constrained by liability to develop recondite ideas and all degrees of awareness discernments. Life in these basic years ahead will presently not spread out remunerations for the negligible and egocentric, however will give amazing open doors to the people who handle the reasonableness and distinction of our state-of-the-art existence.

Mars enters Capricorn 16 November

Our Trailblazer has not chatted with The Goat since December 2010 and January 2011. Over the course of Christmas Day, dynamic and empowered are animated in the sign that naturally realizes how desire functions and deliberately goes for the gold. Wants become enthusiastic, grounded and industrious inside this region of the life and similarly energy endeavors to be effective, controlled and supported. Search for a genuine regenerative power here as Mars collaborates with Pluto throughout the days encompassing 27 November, as these two planets offer up a daring, confrontational and getting through drive to change. Power issues will arise. Whenever mishandled, heartless, urgent, unreliable and curbed explosions might result. This will be an opportunity to request persistence, pardoning and acknowledgment with life’s difficulties, wherein being willing to commit to higher standards won’t just recuperate self-esteem, however normally will reflect in the more noteworthy completeness that we as a whole are in ONE Age existing in the Affection to Develop.

As we all in all move into a period in our set of experiences more than ever that discloses every one of the confounded solaces we have become familiar with, let us perceive the amount we can gain from perceiving the force of the recuperating truth that it’s time we change our natural channel to straightforwardness.