The Positives: More Opportunities for Individualized Instruction


We can’t deny that online learning creates more opportunities for individualized instruction. Rather than having the same curriculum for all students, teachers can create lessons that are tailored to each student’s needs. This means faster learning of new skills and the ability to learn at your own pace.

Furthermore, with the rise of virtual reality and augmented reality technology, students are able to participate in immersive experiences that might not be available in their home town or even country. Not only does this provide a more engaging experience for the students but it also opens up new learning opportunities for them such as taking field trips virtually.

And finally, it gives students a chance to engage with people from all over the world who they would never have had access to without this technological breakthrough. In addition, when students are communicating with one another digitally rather than face-to-face there is less room for distractions which allows them to stay focused on what is being said. For example, if you’re trying to figure out how many jelly beans there are in a jar then no one will interrupt you and tell you about their favorite movie or TV show. All of these factors combined lead to a positive result: higher scores on tests among other things! Also, let’s not forget the obvious: that people can save time and money when they don’t have to travel somewhere to get education. On top of all this evidence, I think we should give online learning after 2020 some credit.

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