The Right Way to Handle Guest Posts on Your Blog


Guest posts are a great way to help build your blog’s online presence and also allow you to showcase other people’s work. However, it can be hard for guest bloggers when their post is edited. Here are some tips for handling guest posts the right way:

– Ask the blogger if they would like their post edited. Some bloggers might not want their original content changed in any way and that is totally okay. If the blogger does not want their post edited, it should be noted in the contract if you are working with one. – Remember that the content belongs to both of you now, so make changes that reflect how you want your blog represented as well. Also remember that many bloggers do not have time to go through the entire editing process because they have other commitments (family, work), so try to be understanding if there are typos or missing pieces in the final draft.

– Proofread before publishing. It’s always best to double check everything before posting.

– Give credit where credit is due by including links back to where the post was originally found . Even though it may seem like common courtesy to give a full link at the end of every post, this is often overlooked during the guest blogging process. Not only will readers appreciate seeing this link and knowing who the original author was, but doing so will most likely encourage more guest contributors in future posts.

– Include an intro sentence from yourself at the top of each new post that announces This week we welcome our newest writer, or Welcome to ! This will create continuity between your readers and let them know which blog posts were written by someone else.

– Use quotes around what has been added if you feel this information needs to stand out from the rest of what has already been written.