The son has difficulty forming relationships


It’s a sad reality that some sons have emotionally unavailable fathers. The son may grow up feeling resentful and angry towards his father. He may also feel like his dad is disappointed in him, which can lead to depression. Furthermore, because the father was never there for his son, he may grow up without any role model for what it means to be a man.

If this is the case, it’s possible that he’ll repeat the cycle with his own children and will be emotionally unavailable as a father too.

The son may repeat the cycle with his own children

A man’s emotional availability with his own father may have a strong influence on how he is able to be with his own children. A son who had an emotionally unavailable father may find himself in the same situation. He will likely have trouble reading and responding to children’s emotional needs. When a child feels that they are not getting enough attention, they may become angry, needy or pushy. In order to break this cycle, it is important for fathers to be present and responsive when their children need them most.

One way that fathers can do this is by setting aside time just for their children. Spending quality time playing, talking about what happened during the day, giving feedback about a difficult experience, and listening to each other’s problems go a long way towards helping a son grow into an emotionally available dad. It’s also important for dads to talk about their emotions so that kids don’t get the message that only women are allowed to express feelings. Dads should let their kids know what emotions feel like, how we show emotion, why we feel certain ways, and why these things make us happy or sad.