Tips on Choosing the Right Syma Remote Control Helicopter


I would start with the budget you have. You want to buy the best quality RC helicopter for your budget. I would go for a quality frame as this is the best protection for impacts which are going to happen at some point. Metal frames are obviously far strong than plastic so go with metal.

Controlling the flight of a remote control helicopter is far easier if the craft has built in gyroscope. Gyroscope technology is a device which makes measuring and maintaining orientation based on the principles of angular momentum. Not all helicopters have this feature so ensure the craft you go for does. It will make flying the craft far easier which means crashing will be less likely.

Check the controls of the helicopter. If it has four channel movements, up, down, forward and backwards, left and right, the more control you will have. Also a longer lasting battery will give you a much longer flying time. Some RC helicopters have a power saving feature which shuts off the power if not in use for a short amount of time.

Think about what you want to do with your helicopter. If you want to use it outdoors you will need a sturdier model. Every model will advice if they are suitable for outdoors or not. Use this as a guide and don’t try to use an indoor craft outside even if the weather looks suitable. Also many helicopters come in parts and you have to assemble them. This can be half the fun but if you’re a beginner you are best buying one that is already assembled.

Do some research first.. There are plenty of RC helicopter fan sites which have forums and reviews on particular models. Join some of these sites and ask questions to other hobbyists or enthusiasts. A little bit of initial research will save you a lot of stress and money later on down the line. There are a lot of cheaper models and junk really which will only lead to frustration and a hole in your pocket.

The Syma s032 is quite a sturdy helicopter which weighs about 1.7 kg. The Syma s107 is great for beginners and comes already assembled. It weighs just 34g but is very strong. The Syma s108 model comes with a cool flashing LED light which gives the craft a bit more authenticity. It is great for flying in low light areas and is very durable despite only weighing 60g.

I hoped this has given you a small insight into what you should be looking for. For more information check the internet and the many sites dedicated to the cool hobby of flying mini remote control helicopters.