Top 10 Roguelikes To Play Right Now


Roguelikes have come a long way since Rogue, and the original tentpole facets such as permadeath and randomized dungeons tweaked and altered to create new iterations on the concept. Today, many roguelikes are instead roguelites, meaning they offer the player some or a lot of permanent progression elements at various levels to ensure that the experience can be completed by dedicated players. 

Some games, like Returnal, obfuscate the development to kick up the tension factor while still offering powerful permanent progression boosts, while others like Rogue Legacy offer massive, easy-to-grasp power-ups. Any way you look at it, the variable hooks from run to run in the roguelike make them fascinating to play and experience, tinkering around with different builds and options over many hours. What roguelike should you play today? Let’s take a look at some of the best listed in no particular order.