Types of Mobile Phone Service


There are 5 main types of phone cases that come to mind. Options range from a rather thin, but better than nothing “skin” to a waterproof shell that protects your phone up to 5 meters deep. Cases: A cell phone case is usually made of silicone and comes with a screen protector. They come in a variety of colors and designs. They protect your phone from scratches but are not the most durable option.


They fit perfectly and are therefore perhaps one of the most important cases in getting exactly the right drive for your make and model. Holster: A holster is also known as a glove or jacket. The phone normally slides into the top part of the case. Brightly colored knitted gloves are a cheap and fun way to jazz up and personalize a youngster’s inexpensive Pay As You Go cell phone. A black leather case is perhaps a more dignified way to treat a fancy smartphone.


Wallet: A combination of wallet and phone case is a good solution to two problems. Combines the cash and credit card storage of a wallet with a durable phone case to protect your phone from damage and broken screens. , it’s probably best not to soak them in the first place. A waterproof case for your phone is the solution in this case.


There are cases on the market that have various sealing mechanisms to seal your phone tightly inside and claim to keep your phone secure to a depth of 5 meters. A great solution if you are a water sports enthusiast or just a cyclist. in the rain with your mobile phone in your backpack.