Unique Wedding Guest Book Ideas – Guaranteed To Make Extraordinary Memories


Weddings… how the bride and groom look forward to the day… how they plan every single detail of the event, from the coloring of the decorations to the patterns of their china… All efforts to create a achieve a simple goal: to make the day unforgettable. Weddings are a celebration of emotions, a celebration of the eternal love that the couple has for each other.

And your entire social circle, family and friends come together to make the celebration as grand as possible. There are vows to be made, wishes to be conveyed, blessings to be showered… It all culminates in a celebration of love and the communication of affection. Wedding guest books complete this tradition. Now there’s the easy, old-fashioned, tried-and-true way to incorporate this custom into your wedding celebrations, or there are some unique
Wedding Guest Book Ideas that can spice things up a bit.


I suggest you take a look at some of these fancy scrapbook styles. You might find something worthy of creating a thousand pleasant memories. Have fun and create a lampshade guest book. Are you or were you a party? Animal? If so, I’m sure that retro style lampshade awkwardly lurking in your closet is still important to you.

Why not take it out and put it on your wedding table? Give your guests a permanent market and ask them to sign their wishes on it. Just a reminder to all your friends that the holidays will live on. , and now your spouse is an active member of the gang. Your lampshade can make a pretty interesting wedding guest book, trust me!


Frame them all! Of course, you will hire a professional photographer to capture the most heartfelt moments during the ceremony. Why not try a hobby too? Hire a man to take care of just one item: a photo booth where all your guests can pose for Polaroids to sign their messages on. You will be amazed at all the laughter and adorable moments flowing through this extraordinary wedding guest book idea.

Plus, it doesn’t cost you much either. Shoot, shoot, shoot sharpen the frame and look for complete wedding guest book documentation. Let one of your friends or a professional videographer move you during the ceremony. , Recording video messages from all your friends, family and other guests. Of course, some messages will be cliches, but your friends will never stop surprising you with all the crap they can dream up and stuff into a wedding video.


It will be better than anything you can imagine – a keepsake to laugh at and cherish for the rest of your life.