Ways To Get Traffic To Your Blog – 3 Powerful Methods To Send Floods Of Traffic To Your Blog


Ways to drive traffic to your blog… this is a common question for many bloggers and internet marketers who want to send traffic and make money online. In this short and to the point article, you’ll learn 3 powerful ways to send floods of traffic to your blog. If you take notes and then act, you should see spectacular results! Get down to business.

Traffic Method #1: YouTube Video MarketingYouTube video marketing is one of the best ways to drive traffic to your blog. There are already countless users on YouTube.com looking for answers and spending a lot of time. Here they are some statistics.


YouTube is the third most visited website in the world. YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world because people want video answers. YouTube videos rank in Google search results, which means more potential traffic for youYouTube now gets 3 billion views per dayYouTube is simply one of the best places to generate targeted traffic.

Action Step: Start a channel on your specific topic and create a video on your topic every day. In the video description of your video, include a link and call-to-action pointing to your blog. Example: Imagine you are in the electronics market and your blog URL is www[dot]mostlyelectronics[dot]com. So your call to action in your video description could be: For more information on electronics,


Traffic Method #2: Guest Blogging Another great way to drive traffic to your blog is to harness the power of guest blogging. That’s exactly what it sounds like. You want to search for blogs in your market and then contact the owners of those blogs and ask if you could write a guest blog post for them. Include a short bio and a link to your own blog at the end of your guest post.

Guest blogging is a fantastic way to increase credibility and generate targeted traffic in your market. They take advantage of following someone else’s blog to get traffic and notoriety. Oh, and it’s free. My good friend Dmitriy Kozlov from Purpose Inspired Marketing wrote a guest post on IncomeDiary.com that was very successful in terms of traffic and exposure.

The guest post he wrote has received 89 Facebook Likes, 89 Shares, 72 Tweets, 12 Google Plus, 4 Pinterest Pins and 29 Comments so far. Guest blogs are powerful. Action Step: Go to Google and search for blogs in your market. Find and contact 5 blog owners and ask them what it would mean for a guest post on their blog. Try to find at least one guest post opportunity by the end of this week.


Traffic Method #3: FacebookGood old Facebook. Facebook is ridiculously powerful for sharing content. You probably already know the power of liking, sharing, commenting and updating status, so I won’t go too far.