Whadda Jerk!


If you don’t understand a person, you tend to think they are stupid. Carl Jung Unfortunately, today’s public discourse seems to have degenerated into hostile parties who spit insults at each other. With little inclination to see each other’s point of view, the parties are reduced to insults, labels, and the oversimplification of complex issues. The only thing they have in common is the shared belief that the other is an idiot.


Thanks to Jung’s groundbreaking work on personality type, we know that there are at least sixteen discrete perspectives on any data set. This means that for every situation there are sixteen different but perfectly normal ways to rate it.


Surprisingly, sixteen different viewpoints can lead to very different conclusions. All too often we tend to ignore or downplay viewpoints that don’t align with our own. Given that there are other equally valid approaches to the same subject,
can generate great knowledge and improve the quality of our own decisions.


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