What are some of the best blessings?


Everyone needs to be reminded that there are blessings all around us – from a grateful heart to our daily cup of coffee. Don’t forget to cherish and remember all that is good in your life as you look for your next blessing!

1) A grateful heart

2) A daily cup of coffee

3) Friends who love you unconditionally


How can I bless others?

Blessings is a book that will bless you. It’s filled with stories, quotes and scriptures to help you focus on what really matters. This book is just what we need in these difficult times, it’s a refreshing reminder that we are all in this together. I highly recommend reading Blessings for anyone who needs some inspiration to help them get through the day.



Blessings is a feel-good book that reminds us to stop taking life so seriously and to enjoy it. There are so many blessings in our lives, and they’re always right in front of us if we just take a moment to notice them. This book will make you want to live your best life and spread joy wherever you go. A happy person is someone who can laugh at him or herself, but knows when to keep things serious too.


Everyone needs something uplifting to read during tough times and this book has plenty of advice for how to do just that.

It might sound simple but one change can lead you on a whole new journey!

This story will show you how even the smallest changes can have lasting effects on your happiness