What I’d Like To See In Persona 6


Look, I love Persona’s tried and true narrative DNA a crew of teenage outcasts call upon their mystical alter egos to defend the world from evil forces while also juggling hobbies, romance, and classes. Nevertheless, I’m ready for Atlus to bring the series’ mature themes to the adult world. 

I’ve got two solid pitches for the writer’s room: keep the traditional school backdrop, but give us a university campus with a cast of 20 somethings instead. Or, a more unconventional route could thrust players into the white-collar world. Nothing says “evil supernatural conspiracy” more than a soul-sucking office job, complete with alienating cubicles and overseer-esque managers. Give us a crew of young adult professionals down on their luck, introduce them to an array of badass Persona, and let us run free in a distorted, hyper-corporatized Japan.