What is a Laptop? Types and Differences


Laptops are awesome, portable computers that allow users to perform many of the same tasks they would do on their desktops, but on the go with the convenience of being easily transportable! But there are lots of different options out there and it can be difficult to figure out what type of laptop will work best for your needs, so it’s important to know what you’re looking at when you step into a store and ask What is a laptop? in order to help you choose the best computer available to you.

What Is a Laptop?

A laptop is a portable computer that you can use to complete tasks and get work done. It looks like the traditional PC, but it’s smaller. There are many types of laptops on the market, so it’s important to know what you’re looking for before deciding which one to buy.

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Different Types of laptops

A laptop is a portable computer that can be used on your lap or at home, as well as on the go. It comes in many different shapes and sizes. The smallest laptops are called netbooks, which are about the size of an iPad. The next larger size of laptops are usually referred to as notebooks, which are slightly larger than netbooks. These computers typically have more storage space than netbooks but less than desktops.

Gaming laptops

Laptops are popular for gaming for two reasons. The first being that they have higher performance graphics cards than desktops, making them better equipped to run graphically intense games at full quality. Secondly, they are portable. You can take your laptop with you to the library, coffee shop, or even on an airplane flight. A disadvantage of gaming laptops is the higher price point when compared to desktops.

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2-in-1 laptops

A two-in-one laptop is one that can be used as both a laptop, with the screen facing forward, or as a tablet by rotating the screen to face away from you. These devices usually have detachable keyboards, so they’re great for use in situations where you want to type more than tablet mode would allow.


An ultrabook is typically a 2-in-1 that can be used as a laptop or tablet. It will have one of these features: touchscreen display, 360 degree hinge, detachable keyboard and stylus pen for drawing on the screen.

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