what is Fleece


Fleece is a type of synthetic fabric that is often used for jackets and blankets. The material has been popular in recent years because it is light and warm, but breathable enough so that sweat isn’t trapped against your skin. One way you can test the warmth of fleece is by feeling how much fuzz it leaves on your hand after you touch it. Fleece typically feels smooth if it’s too thin, or fuzzy if it’s thick enough to keep you warm. It is also fairly resistant to piling,


which means that as you wear it and brush up against things (like armrests), the fabric will continue to look good over time. What this all boils down to is: If you’re looking for something soft and comfortable, go with something made from fleece; if you need more insulation than what fleece offers, wool may be a better choice for your jacket or coat. Wool is another animal fiber that people have used for centuries to create winter gear. Wool fibers are known to insulate well because they trap air inside them, making them warm without adding bulk. They also resist moisture well and don’t absorb odors like some other


materials do. Wool does require special cleaning techniques when it gets dirty, but otherwise the fibers are easy to care for . Unlike fleece, it doesn’t pile easily, so its lifespan depends more on the quality of construction rather than general use. That said, not everyone wants to buy a wool item that has visible seams where different pieces were stitched together. There are alternatives such as cashmere (from goats) and alpaca (from llamas). Both offer natural insulation and durability but at an even higher price point


than wool. Which one should you choose? Cashmere is softer and lighter than wool, but requires special care so it doesn’t break down quickly. Alpaca fur offers more warmth than either wool or cashmere, but some people find the finish too coarse for their taste. No matter which one you choose, investing in quality clothing goes a long way towards keeping you warm during cold weather months. What is lambswool?: Lambswool is essentially woven wool that comes from sheep who produce finer and thinner strands of fiber than adult sheep. Many manufacturers use combed-top or carded-wool, which reduces shedding and produces a stronger fabric. But just because lambswool sweaters cost more doesn’t mean they’re necessarily warmer than wool sweaters made from other types of woven fibers.