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1. Have Fun! You’re on a high-profile blog, so remember to have fun. The last thing you want is for your post to come off as too formal and stiff. Be friendly, be personable, and have fun with it!

2. Be Unique! Your first objective is to make your post stand out from the other posts on the blog. One way to do this is by being unique in your post’s content or structure. If you’re not sure what this means, try making a list of five ways to make your guest post stand out from the rest that are already published on that site.


3. Invest in yourself! When you invest in yourself, such as by reading posts on this blog, you’ll learn how to write an effective post. You’ll also get feedback on why your ideas may not work or why they may need some tweaking. 4. Know who you’re writing for: Who is going to read your post? Consider their age group, gender and education level when writing.


Make sure that you can speak directly to them because if they don’t understand what you are trying to say then they won’t enjoy reading your words either! 5. Know where it fits: Where does your guest post fit into the blog? What kind of readers will read it? What kind of content will it be positioned next to? All these questions will help shape how best to write a winning piece! Once you’ve decided on all these aspects, including what topic you want to focus on, all there is left to do is create the actual content. Don’t worry; we’ll cover everything else in our final installment of this series! What topics should I write about?


It’s true – just like any other skill worth having, blogging takes time and practice to perfect. And even once you feel confident in your skills, chances are you still have plenty of room for improvement. But it doesn’t matter whether you’ve been blogging for six months or six years – there’s always something new to learn! So let’s take one step at a time, shall we? Here are five tips to make your guest posts really stand out: Description: 5 Tips To Write An Effective Guest Post Title: 10 Tips To Write An Effective Guest Post For A High-Profile Blog Text: Read up!: 1. Read Up! Learning how to write better has never been easier thanks to resources such as blogs. Reading up will teach you new tricks and improve the quality of your posts while giving you feedback on how others might react to various approaches.