what is Keep it short and sweet


It’s important to keep your post short and sweet. You want readers to have a quick and easy time reading it. If they don’t, they’ll lose interest. The shorter your post is, the more likely people will read it. Don’t go over 700 words. Edit with care: When you’re writing, edit as you go.


Make sure everything flows well together and there are no spelling or grammatical mistakes in sight. Edit for style: Make sure that the tone of voice of your blog matches that of the blog you’re guest posting on .


Pick out two or three sentences from the previous posts and see how they sound like when rewritten. Your goal should be to make those sentences sound like something you wrote, not something someone else wrote. So if the author of the other blog has a casual tone, use casual language in your post; if their tone is professional, use formal language; etc.


Get published: Once you’ve written your best post yet and edited it carefully, send it off to get published! But before sending it off, double check all of your links and formatting one last time. You might also try reaching out to the blogger first to ask them what they prefer – do they accept unedited drafts or just finished posts? One last note: never submit anything until you’ve been given permission by the site editor . Some sites may ask for changes to your draft before publishing it.