what is Social media


Social media is a great way to get your message out there and connect with people who are interested in your products. With the right strategy, you can grow an engaged following of prospects, customers and partners. Here are some ways you can use social media to fuel your network marketing business:


-Use hashtags on Instagram or Twitter; these will allow people who share similar interests find you. For example, if your niche is cooking recipes, include the hashtag #recipe in posts so that other cooks see it. Hashtags also help with search engine optimization.


-Post content on Facebook; you have access to 1.79 billion active users as of December 2017 (Statista). That’s one heck of a big potential audience! Facebook has plenty of features to help businesses reach new audiences, such as paid advertising and using custom audiences for ads.

-Promote blog posts on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. You should do this by adding links back to your site from those sites, which allows people browsing those networks to learn more about what you offer without leaving the site they’re browsing


-Participate in online forums such as Quora and Reddit where others might be asking questions about topics related to your business . You can answer those questions and then provide links back to your website.

-Submit guest articles to popular blogs in your industry. Make sure you provide a link at the end of each post to let readers know where else they can learn more about what you offer. Guest blogging is another way to build relationships with influencers, as well-respected bloggers may want input from leaders in their field when writing their next piece.

-Send email blasts; list all the benefits of being part of your organization and ask recipients to visit your website for more information or click on an embedded link within the email. Make sure you have a sign up form somewhere near that link so recipients don’t miss out on any opportunities like webinars or offers while they browse through your emails.