what is Wool


Wool is a natural fiber that’s both warm and breathable, making it the perfect material for winter clothing. Wool fibers are hollow and trap air, which helps keep you warm. But wool’s breathability also means that it doesn’t trap heat close to your skin. Instead, as the wool fibers absorb your body heat they release it back into the atmosphere.


In fact, wool is often used in bedding because it provides insulation while still allowing perspiration to escape. If you’re looking for an outer layer that can withstand cold weather without making you sweat, wool is your best bet. It’s available in many different styles and textures too, so there will be something to suit every taste. From tweed jackets to soft shearlings,


this fabric has become a popular choice among those seeking warmth with style. Bamboo: Bamboo is one of nature’s most sustainable resources; growing at three times the rate of trees, it’s estimated that bamboo can grow again after harvesting in just 3-5 years (compared to 30-40 years for trees). And unlike other plants that require pesticides and fertilizers, bamboo grows naturally without them. Plus it’s antimicrobial properties make it easy to care for by just tossing in the washing machine or drying off with a towel after a day on the slopes! Leather:


With leather shoes being so hot this year who knew we’d have leather coats next season? Sure, it might not sound like a great idea when you think about sweating all over your jacket on the way home from work but think about how dry your coat would stay! The high quality leather stays wet-proof thanks to the hide’s tough surface, keeping water from penetrating its pores. So if you want a garment that will last for years and won’t make you look out of place at any occasion, then get yourself some leather now before stocks run out! The choices can be overwhelming when shopping for winter clothes, but don’t worry. Now you know what type of cloth will do the job.