What should you do if you see someone in distress who has a developmental disability?


It is important to know the difference between developmental delay and developmental disability if you are in a situation where you think someone needs help. If they are developmentally delayed, they may need some help with day-to-day tasks, but they can still function on their own without too much help. If they are developmentally disabled, they will need more help with day-to-day tasks and will require more care to be able to function independently.


If you see someone who is developmentally disabled, it is important that you contact emergency services immediately because the person might need medical attention and could have a medical emergency.


Developmental disabilities often present themselves as symptoms of other illnesses such as autism spectrum disorder, cerebral palsy, intellectual disabilities and Down syndrome. If an individual has a developmental disability, they should not drive unless there is no other alternative and should not be left alone at home unless there is another family member available to take care of them while others are out of the house for short periods of time.


A lot of times people do not realize they have a developmental disability until they are older so this is why it’s important to know the differences. Developmental disabilities are more than just delays in skill acquisition; they are major hindrances to independent living and self-sufficiency. The person also cannot drive unless given approval from a doctor or specialist and cannot live by themselves without being supervised. There is also some debate about whether those who are diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease should have the same rights as those who have been diagnosed with a developmental disability.