Why do we repeat the past?


Why do we keep repeating the same destructive patterns in life? When does it stop and why does it seem to be so hard for some of us to heal from something that has happened to us in the past? I have wondered about this many times, especially when I have seen people who have gone through really difficult things and they keep coming back around to having more of those difficult experiences.


In order to answer these questions, I think that you need to look into yourself, your own personal story and history, in order to answer them. One thing is for sure: if you don’t know what you are looking for, then you won’t find anything there.


How can we break the cycle of repeating the past?

Acknowledge your patterns and triggers – The first step is to start by recognizing the pattern that you are in. Once you identify what is happening, then try to figure out what might be causing it and how to stop it from happening again.


Identify new ways of coping with triggers – What helped you last time may not always be enough this time around so try exploring new ways of coping with things that trigger old emotions or behaviors . Find someone to talk to who has been through similar experience – You may feel uncomfortable talking about certain topics with family members or friends so finding someone else who has gone through something similar can help provide insight and support as well as offer new ways of looking at your situation.