Widely Accepted Teaching Methods: All You Need to Know


Being a teacher is not an easy cup of tea. Every year, many candidates fill teacher job application forms, and very few get selected. Every student is different from each other and has their way of learning things similarly, and we cannot deny the fact that every teacher is also different from one another and has their way of teaching. You may have noticed that every teacher teaches differently or adopts a different strategy to teach and explain things. 

To know about different teaching methods, you need to understand those teaching methods are of various types. It can be teacher-centered, content-centered, participative, interactive, and learner-centered. Let’s have a look at some widely accepted teaching methods. Let’s get started- 

Lecture- lecture is the verbal depiction of a topic or lesson. Teachers usually prefer to give lectures when present in the classroom. Giving lectures is the most preferred and popular method of teaching. Also, it is accepted by all schools and colleges all over the world. 

Class Discussion- Class discussion is one of the best teaching methods as it involves both teachers and the students sharing their points of view. Sharing opinions makes things more apparent to the students. They become more interactive, fearless, bold, and also their thinking, learning abilities get enhanced. They also know how to deal with difficult questions. 

Oral Questions-  Oral question and answer rounds are the best teaching methods. A good teacher initiates and encourages students to ask questions related to the topic that has been taught in the classroom and try to clear their doubts. Asking a question helps the teacher know how much a student can understand your teaching. 

Repeating Rounds- Despite giving simple lectures, the teacher should try to highlight the essential points of the subject. Also, repeating the lesson’s main points will help students know about the areas where they have to focus more. It will save their time at the time of making notes and revisions. Teachers may also ask students to repeat points after them to fit in the student’s mind easily. 

Buzz Groups- It’s always better to divide the whole class into small groups. Doing this will make it easier for teachers to manage the classroom well and give personal attention to each student. A good teacher divides the class into small groups of 4-5 students and offers different topics to each group for discussion. The topic could be anything- something from lessons, math problems, or any topic related to social issues. It will help students solve problems very quickly and help them learn to speak and express their ideas. 

Demonstration-  this is one of the best ways of teaching. Giving demonstrations makes it easier for students to grab things much more accessible and clarify things. For example- if the teacher is explaining states of matter, they could easily explain it with the help of a live demonstration. The students will understand anything presented with the use of a demonstration.

Presentation- This is another method of teaching where the teacher gives a presentation instead of providing a simple lecture. This teacher makes a slide-wise PowerPoint presentation that includes pictures, theories, flowcharts, graphs, etc., and presents it to the whole class with the help of a projector. This method also helps students understand things well and memorize them very quickly. 


This article is beneficial for teachers, especially new teachers, as it tells them about the different teaching methods. Apart from this, there are also other teaching methods like debate, quizzes, puzzles, assignments, etc. Teachers can refer to this article to give better education.