Wolverine, Suicide Squad, And The League Of Upcoming Superhero Games


Firaxis, the makers of XCOM, lend their strategic talents to a bold reimagining of Marvel’s Midnight Suns comic team. As a customizable hero known only as the Hunter, you’ll lead a team of heavy hitters consisting of popular mainstays like Captain America, Doctor Strange, and Wolverine to cult favorites like Magik, Nico Minoru, and Blade to take on Lilith, Mother of all Demons. Midnight Suns isn’t just XCOM wearing its underwear on the outside. It’s a wholly original strategy RPG that blends turn-based gameplay with abilities executed through a deck of randomized cards. Outside of battle, you’ll explore your HQ and build relationships with teammates to provide bonuses in combat as well as letting you get to know them better. Midnight Suns recently graced Game Informer‘s cover, and you can take a deep dive into all it entails by visiting our cover story hub.